Welcome.  This simple questionnaire is designed to see if you are Highly Sensitive Person.

There is a 1 in 5 chance you have a finely tuned nervous system - which, technically speaking, is what makes you a 'Highly Sensitive Person'

These 23 questions are our take on Dr. Elaine Aron's research in the area & the questions on the hsperson.com website.

P.S. It won't take long.
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 If you scored under 13 then you are most likely a NOT Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

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Or we can tell you more about HSPs.

{{answer_BDNspWySHeai}} you scored {{var_score}} out of 23.

Any Score over 13 is an indication you may be a Highly Sensitive Person.  The higher the score, the more pronounced the trait and gift.

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Recently, HSP expert  David Tensen interviewed Dr Ted Zeff on life as a HSP.

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